What's Your Excuse?

It’s easy to make excuses. I do it all the time.

We might eat a lot of junk food at the weekend, forget about our fitness regimen and blame it all on the fact that there just weren’t any healthy options. Perhaps we sleep in late, snooze our alarm and tell ourselves that it’s too late to go to the gym now.

Whatever the situation, there really is no excuse. Often, the issue is that we just failed to prepare.

In the case of binge-eating pizza from Friday to Sunday, can we blame convenience? Or are we to blame for failing to prepare?

And in the case of the gym, is it really our alarm’s fault? Or should we have slept earlier the night before?

Really, we don’t have an excuse. Just a few weeks ago I tried to make excuses. My fiancé was taken into hospital to live out her final stages of life with brain cancer. I stopped working. Stopped writing. Stopped living a normal life.

But then I realised, despite the circumstances, I was just making excuses. Nothing was stopping me from carrying on with those things in my spare time, and so I carried on.

If I can carry on, so can you. Your excuses are only going to harm one person: you. So stop lying to yourself, and start doing what you need to do.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash