Sunday Reflection: Appreciating the Bad Times

Many great lessons are learned during moments of suffering

We all have to deal with difficult times. As much as the happy, carefree moments, hardship is a fundamental component of ordinary life here on earth. If we go about our days expecting things to be bright and rosy all of the time, we’ll be sorely disappointed.

That being said, we can learn a lot from our struggles, and with that in mind, we can approach them with a philosophical and reflective mindset.

In my case, my fiancé is losing her battle with brain cancer - but I’m coping just fine. I’ve completely come to terms with the situation and I’m thankful for all of the lessons I’ve learned during this time of intense suffering.

Being a carer has allowed me to become more patient and attentive to others’ needs. Being a partner has taught me a lot about love and relationships. Dealing with loss has taught me how to handle trauma and the importance of self-care in moments of turmoil. I wouldn’t have learned any of those things if it wasn’t for my Charlotte’s cancer diagnosis.

Whatever the situation, there are always lessons to be learned when the going gets tough. Knowing this might not make things easier, but we can find comfort in the knowledge that we’re gaining experience, wisdom and strength of character through our struggles.

It’s like carbon. Under intense amounts of stress and pressure, it becomes a diamond. In the same way, we grow as people when exposed to similar pressures. Knowing that, we can look back on hard times with a little sadness, deep reflection, but most importantly, with thanks for the knowledge we gained.

Sunday Reflection: As the week draws to a close and another begin to unfold, it’s time to look back over the past seven days and check in with ourselves. Is everything going to plan? Are we staying on track? Did we live up to our goals? And if not, what changes can we make? That’s what Sunday Reflection is all about.

Photo by Stefan Spassov on Unsplash