Why Subscribe to The Daily Grind?

You’re a creative. You love to create things, and that’s why you do it.

And as every creative knows, there are usually a few hurdles along the road towards financial freedom and doing what you love full-time.

Doing that requires balance. It requires commitment. It requires motivation and determination. It requires us to maintain a healthy state of mind. The Daily Grind is a newsletter about all of those things.

It’s not just about making it as a creative, but about staying happy and healthy while doing so. It’s about remaining inspired, motivated and on the path toward achieving your lifelong goals.

Who Writes The Daily Grind?

Hello, I’m Adrian Drew - a full-time writer, publication owner and entrepreneur. I’ve been writing for several years about happiness and offering tips to other creatives on how to make a living in this crazy digital age.

My work reaches around 100,000 people each month and I’ve had the privilege of writing for publications like Thrive, The Writing Co-operative, The Startup, The Ascent, and others. I write every day on Medium, too.

My notebook is always overflowing with ideas that I can never find the time to write into complete articles. Through Substack, I’ll be dishing them out in smaller, easy-to-read nuggets.

How You Can Help

The Daily Grind is still a relatively new newsletter. If you’re enjoying our content and wish to support us, you can do so simply by telling your friends about what we’re doing and sharing this link to your social media channels.

Not All Good Things in Life Are Free

This newsletter won’t always be free - but it will be for a while. In order to pay my bills and support myself, I’ll eventually need to start charging a fee to subscribers.

Don’t worry, though. You’re good for a few months and I’ll let you know when things are due to change.

Header image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/TYIzeCiZ_60